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High School Musical: The Concert
Status: Completed
Premiere: May 4, 2007
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HSM 2 First Look
Posted By Kiry On 05 May 2007

The newest issue of People (Rachel Ray is on the cover) featured a “HSM 2 first look” on a 2-page spread! I suggest all of you go out and buy it! It has tons of cute new HSM2 pics. I added scans of course =]. There is also an online version of the article here.

Tons of gallery additions today. I added alot of outtakes from old photoshoots. So enjoy!

7 x HSM 2 Promos/Stills/On the set
10 x HSM The Concert: CD/DVD Scans
7 x Michael Simon (Outtakes added)
27 x Clark Samuels
3 x Clark Samuels @ Turning Point BBQ
19 x Clark Samuels in NYC
2 x People 5/14/07 scans


Come Back To Me
Posted By Kiry On 04 May 2007

Hey guys! This is really late, but better late then never. But i added 140 outtakes from the “Come Back To Me” video shoot. Amazing pics! Check them out!

More picture additions tomorrow plus a new layout!


High School Musical 2 Official Site!
Posted By Kiry On 03 May 2007

The site is up! Visit it here.

You can unlock the poster apparently by sending emails to your friends! But i’ve dont it twice, nothing has happened. Good luck! I’ll be adding the poster soon to VAO anyhoo. ^___^


New Scans!
Posted By Kiry On 02 May 2007

Hey guys. Unfortunetly like May said the Hawaii pictures have been deleted. But no worries they’ll be so many new/better pictures in the future! In fact i’ve added scans from 4 magazines!!! If you havn’t seen them please go out & buy them! They have amazing posters!

I also added 2 promos from the new movie! Let me clear something up. Before the HSM tour the whole cast, including Zac had a photoshoot with different outfits & such. It was the concert promos shoot. But it was also the ‘HSM2’ promos (the red outfits). Those were just part of the tour promo shoot. Now these that i just added are official ‘new’ promos.’

Beginning May 4, kids can help to gradually unlock the “High School Musical 2” poster at DisneyChannel.com/HighSchoolMusical2. By visiting the site each day, guests will get a new piece revealed. On May 18, the full poster will be printable from the site. Read more (plus movie plot) under the ‘read more’ link.

EDIT: You can download “Albert Castillo” remix of Say Ok at Vanessa’s Myspace.

Read more 49 Comments

Zanessa Down In Hawaii!
Posted By Kiry On 01 May 2007

Wow talk about amazing pics! Zanessa was seen vactioning down in Hawaii. ‘Being a couple,’ kissing, building sandcastles. WARNING!! The new pictures are not your typical pictures. She is in a bikini, kissing, etc. If you are just going to hate, please don’t look at them! More pictures will come tomorrow!

ABOUT THE HAWAII PICTURES: As you may have noticed, they were taken down. Why were they taken down? Because they are under license by the agency and were not to be seen & released without the photographer’s permission and without payments. Thanks to Matt @ Popstar for letting us know and warning us before hand! The agency would probably have done follow ups on the pics and contacted us about them anyways. So it’s really nothing personal. We hope you all understand! And a warning to sites with these pics, t’s suggested that these pics be removed from all sites, not just this one!

I also added an amazing HQ still from the new movie! It’s the big dance number in the beginning of the movie. The song is called “What Time Is It?” (the song featured in that teaser trailer below.)

Be on the lookout for a huge gallery update tomorrow. Tons of HSM2 stuff, HSM Concert


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